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International Casinos

There are casinos in at least thirty-one African countries.

The countries with the largest numbers of casinos are Egypt, Bophuthatswana, Kenya, Mauritius, and Nigeria respectively.

It is important to appreciate that the African continent is large in size, and has a variety of cultures. In general, the Muslim countries, many of which are located in the north, prohibit many forms of gambling.

Where gambling does occur in these countries, access is limited to non-residents who must present a passport or some other form of positive identification to enter the casino.

The minimum age of entrance in most of these casinos is twenty-one.

Many of the traditional games, such as blackjack, American roulette, mini-baccarat, chemin-de-fer, pai gow, fan tan, Chinese Sic Bo, video poker, and slot machines are played. Usually, several languages are spoken, and numerous 'hard' international currencies are accepted.

The dress code varies from casual to elegant. In the future, South Africa seems to have the greatest potential for growth within the casino industry, for the South African government is trying to legalize casino gambling from the homelands to larger cities that have other tourist attractions.

However, the expanding casino industry of the United States is important to Caribbean countries, because more than seventy percent of the tourists to this area from the U.S.

Invariably, American tourists expect similar, or the same type of entertainment when they are traveling.

There are 16 casinos in Puerto Rico, and that makes it the largest in the Caribbean. Moreover, the minimum age to enter the majority of these casinos is eighteen. In Martinique and Curacao, the minimum is twenty-one.

The dress codes varies from casual in the tourist resorts , to elegant in the Dominican Republic.

In Central and South America, twelve countries have casinos and top new bingo sites.

Argentina has twenty-three casinos, which is the largest number in this region. The minimum age to enter these casinos is eighteen years, except in Ecuador and Uruguay. Many of these casinos charge an entrance fee.

French roulette, American roulette, baccarat, Ponta Banco, blackjack, and slots, are played in the larger casinos. The majority of these casinos in this region are much smaller than the average North American casino.

Many of them have a few slot machines, with several blackjack and roulette tables, and the primary purpose of casinos in these countries is for tourists' entertainment.

Since the casino epidemic is spreading to all parts of the world, one of the next hot spots will be Asia, and its Pacific Rim neighbors. That being said, the casino industry is booming in Asian countries and Australia.

Australia and New Zealand have the greatest growth potential because of the attitude of the people. Australia's latest casino is expected to have approximatelt two hundred table games, with 2,500 poker machines with a keno and sports booking section.

The casinos also feature both Las Vegas and European-style casinos. The required dress varies from proper to elegant.

However, it should be noted that there are some countries that have not legalized gambling.

Several of the countries in the Pacific Rim and Asia practice Buddhism, Hinduism, and Shintoism. These religious doctrines prohibit their followers from engaging in all forms of gambling.

This cultural nuance has been, and perhaps will continue to be a hindrance to the introduction of legalized casino gambling in many Pacific Rim countries in the future.