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Prescott to be Investigated on Corruption Charges

John Prescott is set to face a police investigation concerning corruption charges made against him. Prescott is being accused of breaking anti-corruption laws with his stay at the Colorado ranch of super casino bidder Philip Anschutz.

Anschutz is the owner of London's Millennium Dome, and is bidding to turn it into a super casino.

Detectives have confirmed that they have started the process of investigating a complaint filed by the Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker.

The Metropolitan police inquiry is another addition to the already long list of controversies that Prescott is embroiled in.

Prescott has been under heavy pressure to resign his post, and questions have arisen left and right on whether he is still fit to run the country on Blair's vacation.

Blair is likewise facing an interview by the police. The police have already spoken to several millionaire Labour donors and ministers including former party chairman Ian McCartney.

The police investigation will try to bring to light whether Prescott broke the terms of the Prevention of Corruption Acts of 1906 and 1916 his acceptance in the estate of Anschutz.

The law prevents ministers from accepting hospitality from a person or organization that has obtained or is trying to obtain an official contract.